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Making Movember Even Sweeter

Nov 1st, 2017

Making Movember Even Sweeter


The Simpsons came up with Smarch, a misprint on the calendars for the school. And while Movember might sound like something snarky from the iconic cartoon sitcom, it’s a little more rooted in seriousness.


Every November, or Movember, men show their support and help raise money to help men from dying too young. The statistics show that men live an average of 6 years less than women. They leave behind wives, children, parents and friends who must struggle to cope with the grief.


If you’re a man, you can help out by starting off the first of November clean shaven and keep growing out your mo for the greater good to commemorate Movember. It’s a fun way to bring awareness to the cause while raising money.


Doh-Pro has a tasty idea to add to the mix for Movember. In addition to hanging up your razors for the month, you can use healthful Doh-Pro filled with fibre and protein and impeccable cookie taste to shape into moustaches and beards. Take those manly cookies to work, the gym, or your football league to raise money for donations. It’s a worthy cause, one that’s too delicious to miss out on.


Need more tasty manly shapes to help raise awareness for Movember with Doh-Pro protein-rich cookie dough? Here are some suggestions:


– Curled-end moustaches like those from the olden days

– Long and windy beards like ZZ Top

– Goatees

– Muscular biceps

– Make Doh-Pro men, like gingerbread men

– Add sprinkles and decorations to your Doh-Pro men to give them beards and moustaches


Really, you can have a lot of delicious fun with these so get Doh-Pro now, the only cookie you can eat that is good for you while still tasting amazing. Plus, with all that fibre and protein and such little sugar, it’s good for men’s health, which is exactly what Movember is all about.


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